Gummy Bear Maze Theme

This year Albanese, the largest maker of gummy bears in the United States, has offered permission to feature their gummy bears in the maze designs of any interested farms. If interested, please let your maze designer know. A few benefits of selecting this theme, include:

Approved Art to Use In Maze Design, Marketing & Decor

A selection of logo and gummy bear art images available for your use in your maze design, marketing, onsite decor, etc.

Social Media Assets 

Art and/or video assets will be provided by Albanese for your use in social media promotion.​

Retail Partnership Support 

Assistance will be provided by Albanese with trying to find a retail partner to cross promote between farm and retailer.  (Most likely a convenience store chain)

Photo Opp Sign 

A custom-designed photo opp sign is available for purchase in our shopping cart, that can either be ordered in vinyl banner form, or as a sticker you apply to plywood yourself. Your farm logo can be inserted onto the banner if you choose.

Custom Gummy Bear Game Signs

You can email us to request artwork for gummy bear artwork, if you'd like to have bear signs printed locally.

Custom Gummy Bear Passport Game

Custom gummy bear passport game sheets are available for purchase in our online shopping cart, and work the same as all our other themed passports on the 10-numbered post system.

Free Gummy Bear Giveaways 

Albanese will provide 1oz Sample bags, 1000 bags per weekend for 2 weekends for any participating farm, OR for 4 weekends to those who are selling their 7.5oz peg bags

Wholesale Rate on Products to Sell

Special delivered pricing on all Albanese peg bags, packed 12 per case.  Unit cost $1.29 per bag delivered to site.  (30 case minimum) 

Join Special Facebook Chat Group 

Request permission to join a private Facebook group for fellow MAiZE members

who have the Albanese gummy bear theme this year so that you can all share ideas

and keep up on the latest info.

Interested? Contact Chuck Papas at Albanese with any additional questions and/or to request a partnership agreement.

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