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Farmer Charley's Kackleberry Farm

On a Michigan "snow day" we knew the teachers would be home and we launched a campaign on Facebook to build our fieldtrip email list and find a way to reach more families with school age children. Our goal was to assist teachers with "March Is Reading Month". When students reach their reading goals they will receive a farm pass for free entry. The teacher will sign the certificate (each student is allowed one certificate).


The process was easy, the teachers emailed their school name, grade they teach & email address. We emailed a printable certificate with their school and grade level listed on the top. We also emailed a letter about field trips and fundraising to begin working ahead (and pre-sell) Fall 2019 field trips.


The results....

70+ teachers emailed their information to us within 2 days, reaching new schools and teachers that we haven't worked with before.

Post reached 11,754 people



Within a couple days of the post we have already booked a couple field trips for Fall 2019!

P and M Pumpkin Ranch

Two-Ticket Tuesdays are a 2 day campaign with the purpose of increasing awareness for our farm, letting our customers know what is new for the coming season, and also highlighting the most popular attractions at our farm.  It runs every Monday and Tuesday, starting several weeks before we open through the end of the season.  We giveaway Two Genersl Admission Tickets for the winner and two more for whatever friend or family member they choose to give them to. 


Day 1 runs on every Monday and serves to 1) preview what's going to be revealed the next day 2) remind the customers the next day is Two-Ticket Tuesday and 3) during the season thank everyone who came over the weekend.

Day 2 runs every Tuesday throughout the season and reveals what's new at the farm for this season and after that our most popular attractions the rest of the season. The game/post starts at 6:00am and the winner is announced at 9:00pm.

Note: we do not boost these giveaways



1) Generally around 800+ to up to 1500 comments per Tuesday within a 15 hr time period the weeks before and leading up to the peak of the season.


2) We've been doing this giveaway for several years, and are headed into season 6 this year. It has greatly increased the awareness of our farm and put us within less than 1400 page likes of the biggest farm in our area that has been around for over 30 years. When we ask new customers how they heard about us, Facebook and word of mouth are the top 2 responses we hear. Two-Ticket Tuesdays is our primary method of advertising. 


NOTE: at the beginning of the 2018 season we used the same "word-age" we always had for this giveaway and it did not work due to the new Facebook rules, and we were shut down after 45 minutes of the giveaway starting.  We changed the "word-age" for the following week,  trying to stay compliant with Facebook rules and the words "share" and "tag" were removed, and the giveaway was re-worded to hopefully accomplish the same results we had in the 2 years prior; we are so thankful the re-wording worked.

The Farmstead

Sometimes it feels a little tired and worn out to post about winning something for yourself.  We figured we’d try to appeal to the giving and charitable side of our followers by offering a REAL “GIVEaway”.


712 engagements

Stokoe Farms

I can’t buy Social Media reach like this.  An employee found this well-loved dog in the Tall Pines Nature Trail.  I snapped a quick picture of it and posted it to Facebook.  In 12 hours’ time, we had over 1,800 shares, 86,000 person reach and 9,800 engagements. 


Thankfully the owner was located and a reunion was made!

Waldoch Farm

Here is a facebook video that currently has 117,035 people reached, 19,885 engagements, 58K views.

Denver Downs Farm

Weekly Promotion Give Away

Each Tuesday morning before a maze weekend - we post a Video about the upcoming weekend -and have a "Give-Away" contest posted in the remarks. Seems like favorite thing folks like to comment on is food. This was be one of the past season - 


114,627 Organic Reach

4,900 Post Clicks



(analytics said 4.9K comments/ shares)


Give away ticket time! To enter chance for 3 sets of Family 4 tickets to our Fall Festival (corn maze/ pumpkin patch/barnyard fun) Please 1) Tag a Friend 2) Share this post on your page 3) Comment on your favorite "Pumpkin" Flavored Treat (Latte, Muffins, Pies, or fall dessert you love!) Ready.. set.. go!! (Winner's announced Wednesday at 8pm)

Gull Meadow Farms

Two-Ticket Tuesday: a new giveaway we tried this year. I think the play on words with all the T’s helped for some reason and the cute photo. Giving away stuff is always a great way to get more traffic to your page. The more people interact with your page, the more likely they are to see it in their newsfeed. Giveaways and posts that get people talking or engaged by sharing an emoji even help your page to appear more often in their feed.


Reached: 22,358 people

Engagements: 5,349


98 shares (we did not ask customers to share)

We chose 10 winners from this giveaway


Customers send us a private message and I get their email address and send them their tickets through Ticketleap

7A Ranch

The fall of 2018 was an EXCEPTIONALLY wet year for us in Texas. We had over 45" of rain in 2 months. Our average annual rain fall is 33". Needless to say we had to do the very best at dealing with this very adverse situation Mother Nature put us in.


I want folks to understand that even in trying times social media can be a great tool to garner sympathy and at the same time keep the marketing relationships 'real' with your fans. Communication should continue even during the hard times. Our fans care about us and that was a great source of energy during a really tough time.

The sun eventually did shine and our patrons, a lot less due to the excessive moisture, did visit our farm and ranch. 

Roba Family Farms

This is the post we ran to invite people to  our Sunflower Park!  It is our biggest post ever and we had a great  weekend  - we are the only sunflower park in the area and people were thrilled to walk and cut sunflowers.

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