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Winner: #1 Middleton's Fall Festival

Middleton's Fall Festival

Hands down, our best social media campaign for the second year in a row is our Date Night Giveaway. It generated a reach of nearly 200,000 people,10k comments, and 3.7k shares. 

AppleStem Corn Maze & Pumpkins

This is my all-time best performing post, unfortunately for the worst reason…being closed for the season. The heartfelt comments were overwhelming. Sure, there were a few people who didn't quite understand, but for the most part people were understanding. February 2019 was the labeled the worst February on record with an average high of 0.4 F and total snowfall of 32.3 inches.


The results:

  1. 109 new Fans

  2. 112 new Followers

  3. 12.9K Reached

  4. 669 Total of Reactions, Comments, and Shares, of which 115 were Shares and and 111 were Comments

  5. I was contacted by three news stations and ended up having two news stories done.

  6. One of the local radio stations talked about us being closed during their morning show.

  7. I got a photographer lined up for nest year to take stock photos for us at our new location .

Gull Meadow Farm

IDEA: Develop a look/feel for your social media platforms. With the help of an outside company, we created a style board for our social media platforms (for us that includes Facebook and Instagram). We chose colors, a font, and a “style”/look that we liked. This made it very easy for me to go in and create posts (either ahead of time to schedule, or I could do it quickly if needed). We used Canva and from there created our “style board”. I mostly used the desktop to create posts, but you could also do this from your phone in a pinch.


While I don’t have numbers to share or ‘likes’/comments, I really felt that by doing this we helped our farm finally have a designated look/feel that we have been desiring to have. If you look at our page from August through December, you can see how we adapted our new “look” and it really felt cohesive across the board by the end of September through December.

Click the link to our Facebook page to browse through and see the transition to the look.

Orr Family Farm

For the farm’s social media strategy, we created organic content as well as a robust scavenger hunt encompassing 15 unique locations frequented by families. Hidden were free overnight stay vouchers, attached to mini Conestoga wagons. Hints were given on social media for each location and winners were required to submit their information as well as post a photo with the campaign hashtag, #HipstoricOvernights. The user-generated content was re-shared to the Farm’s followers to create excitement and awareness.”


Facebook (20 total posts: four introductory/hype posts, 15 clue posts and a thank you post)

·         Total Reach: 118,543

·         Total Engagement: 15,400

·         Total Likes: 401

·         Total Comments: 252

·         Total Shares: 35



·         Total Impressions: 5,639

·         Total Engagement: 224

·         Total Likes: 11

·         Total Replies: 4

·         Total Retweets: 4

·         Total Hashtag Clicks: 8



·         Total Likes: 228

·         Total Comments: 7

Basse's Taste of Country Farm

We had a contest giving away season passes, where people were entered by writing a review on either Google, FB, or TripAdvisor. We picked one winner a day, at random, each day for 3 days (a winner each day from Google one day, Facebook the next and TripAdvisor last) 


Results were fantastic - we got about 500 reviews overall. 99% of them 4-5 stars! As you know, good reviews are a huge deal for online reputation and presence. 

Thompson Farm

In 2019, our marketing campaign was very challenging, as we relocated our farm after being in the same location for a decade prior to our 2019 fall season. Scott Thompson is a fourth generation Horry County resident and a child doesn’t walk by us that doesn’t know him from field trips within the past decade. He always speaks to every child and his mission is for every child to leave our farm with a smile and plenty of farm memories made. We HAD to bring this farm back to this community, so we did just that. The moment we had the permit from the county in our hands, we posted a photo that we already had made with Scott holding a custom wooden sign that said “We prayed, He answered. Thompson Farm now has a new home at 100 Brickyard Place Conway, SC 29527” That post organically reached 51,143 people and continues to grow every day. We gained over 1,000 new Facebook followers, had 1,800 reactions, 334 comments of people encouraging us on our journey and excited for the relocation, and 292 shares ORGANICALLY just on this one post.

This one post brought in people from counties we’ve never reached before, even from North Carolina! We carried on this theme of “ALL NEW” throughout our entire 2019 marketing plan. We had the best season we’ve had historically due to our 2019 fall campaign was NEW, NEW, NEW. All New farm location, All New activities, and All New farm animals.

Vala's Pumpkin Patch

On our Vala’s Staff Facebook Page, we asked our staff to post their family pictures at Vala’s. We had 233 great pictures submitted. Then throughout our season we would use their pictures on our customer’s Facebook page. 

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