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Looking for the maze nearest you? Zoom in on our map for a closer look at our 260+ locations worldwide.

Own your OWN maze

Find a Maze Near You
There are more than 260 mazes in our MAiZE family and you are sure to find one near you. Click here to view the map of our locations and find information about the one closest to you.
School Field Trips
Planning a school field trip to one of our MAiZE farms? Enhance the learning experience by clicking here for pre and post learning materials. Passwords can be obtained from the farm you are visiting.
Photos & News
MAiZE farms have captured the interest of tv, newspapers and magazines worldwide for 20+ years. Click to view a few news highlights and a gallery of some of our epic aerial photos.
Have questions? Click here for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.
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Learn about what we provide and the value of joining our ever-growing MAiZE family.

Getting Started
Interested in our services? Start by telling us a bit about you and your farm. Complete the form and we will get back to you soon. Or, if you prefer, feel free to give us a call.
Contact Us
Give us a call or send over an email. We are here to chat and answer any questions you may have.
What We Provide
Learn about what the MAiZE provides, our story, and the value of joining our ever-growing MAiZE family.
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Already a Member

Take advantage of of being a MAiZE family member by accessing the Facebook Forum, Tool Box, shopping cart and more.

Connect with other MAiZE owners on our private Facebook forum to gather ideas, post questions, get answers and more.
Get Together
We love getting together with our MAiZE family! Click for more details on the Corn Party, Behind-the-Scenes Tour, and more.
Search Toolbox
Search for design ideas, photos, videos, guides, past newsletters and much more in the MAiZE Tool Box!
Shop the MAiZE shopping cart for exclusive games, merchandise and more.
MAiZE Contacts
Find contact info for The MAiZE staff, fellow members, advisory board and preferred vendors.
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Find the the latest developments and information regarding the world's largest corn maze company.


Press Inquiries

Press Release
Find the the latest developments and information regarding the world's largest corn maze company.
Request A Photo
Need a high-resolution photo for a story you're working on? Click here to see options and request an image.
Our Story
Click for more information about the founder of The MAiZE Inc. and the story of how the company has grown since it all began back in 1996.
Are you a member of the press working on a local or national story about mazes or agritourism? Don't hesitate to contact us to request an interview, photo or anything else we can help you with.
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© 2019 The MAiZE Inc.

After introducing the "maze craze" to Utah and the western United States in 1996, The MAiZE Inc. has grown into the world's largest cornfield maze consulting/design company. Now, 20 years and nearly 3,000 corn mazes later, we've seen millions of people get lost in the mazes we've designed for farmers around the world. Whether you're looking to visit a maze or need help in creating one of your own, we hope you'll explore our site to learn more about our services and 280+ current maze locations ... where getting lost is all about finding fun!


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Spanish Fork, UT 84660



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