Learning Sessions

Mimi's Bakery
Head to the bakery to explore hands-on instruction on how Mimi makes her famous Strawberry Cakes! Plus, the class will end on the sweetest note possible where we'll each make our own shortcake with homemade ice cream (strawberry, peach or vanilla)!
Online Ticketing & More
With online ticketing & timed reservations more important than ever this past season, join Logan for this session on Shopify, Ticketleap and other online solutions to meet your e-commerce needs.
U-Pick at Southern Belle
Looking to expand your business beyond a traditional fall season? Learn how Southern Belle plants, grows, harvests, and sells strawberries, peaches, flowers, blackberries, blueberries and muscadines - creating traditions for a customer base that visits year round.
Field Trips
Every year Southern Belle has thousands of kids come out to the farm for field trips. Learn about how their field trips have transformed over the years and what makes them so successful.
Digital Marketing & Social Media
Always evolving & more important than ever, come learn more about social media, working with influencers, effective websites and more.
Farm Market Learning
Explore Southern Belle's new farm market to meet vendors, get helpful insights on their barcode system, learn more about inventory and discover best sellers in the Market.
Hayride Sound Systems
Learn how Southern Belle Farm is "making the time count" with a ride around the farm, enjoying one of their newest features on the farm...the hayride sound system. Get all the details on the system they're using and how it works.
Finding the Silver Linings
While none of us wants to repeat the struggles presented by Covid this past year, come participate in this interactive session where we'll discuss the "silver linings" of discoveries we made in 2020 that may be here to stay! New events, seasons & ways of operating.
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